World class athletes Bastian Schweinsteiger and Ana Schweinsteiger-Ivanovic promote BRAX

World class athletes Bastian Schweinsteiger and Ana Schweinsteiger-Ivanovic promote BRAX

Bastian Schweinsteiger and Ana Schweinsteiger-Ivanovic are new brand ambassadors

With Bastian Schweinsteiger and Ana Schweinsteiger-Ivanovic, Herford fashion house BRAX is striking a new patch : the two internationally recognised elite athletes are becoming the face of the BRAX FEEL GOOD brand.

Since 2017, Bastian Schweinsteiger (34) has played for Chicago Fire, having previously played for Manchester United and FC Bayern Munich, in addition to being the former captain of the German national squad and the face of the 2014 World Cup. Ana Schweinsteiger-Ivanovic (31) is a former number 1 in the tennis world rankings and a nationally and internationally renowned tennis player. Alongside their outstanding sporting successes, the couple, which married in 2016, have been among the glitterati in the international media landscape: in 2018, Bastian Schweinsteiger received the GQ "Man of the Year" award and in February 2019, he was the first man on the cover of German Vogue. Ana Schweinsteiger-Ivanovic has been voted the best-looking female tennis player by international media multiple times.

"Ana and Bastian are brimming with energy and lust for life, and as such are perfect ambassadors for the BRAX brand values: smart, confidently stylish and passionata. With them, we will be able to appeal on a emotional level to new target groups, both in Germany and abroad. It is particulary important to us that through this partnership we captivate both men and women in equal measure for BRAX"
- Marc Freyberg, Head of Marketing & E-Commerce / Company Spokesperson at BRAX

The popularity of Ana Schweinsteiger-Ivanovic and Bastian Schweinsteiger will be used for a striking digital and analogue communication approach.

"Using authentic storytelling, we will create a presence on all channels - from viral spots, digital branding, print, social media, event right through the point-of-sale",
- Marc Freyberg, Head of Marketing & E-Commerce / Company Spokesperson at BRAX

The partnership is initially set to run for three years; during which time the new faces of the premium casual label will also design a capsule collection, bearing their signature. The collaboration will be visible at the point of sale from spring 2020.

"We are passionate about fashion, which to us represents versatility. We are looking forward to this opportunity to share our passion with BRAX FEEL GOOD"
- Ana Schweinsteiger-Ivanovic and Bastian Schweinsteiger



About BRAX

FEEL GOOD! - Herford-based fashion label BRAX has stood behind this lifestyle for more than 125 years. Founded by Bernward Leineweber in Berlin in 1888, the company has made a name for itself as a key player in the premium casual clothing segment.

BRAX is all about passion: A passion for inspiring customers for our products. This passion guides us in every project and all decisions during our day-to-day work. This has enabled us to develop BRAX into a successful casual fashion brand, well beyond our core product - trousers. In a changing world of fashion, we are shaping the future of BRAX in cooperation with our partners and customers. Our products are a byword for perfection and quality. Our desire to provide a top-quality service is reflected in our products, communications and in the people who represent our company, whether at the point of sale, in the media or in the digital world. Our fashion is modern and innovative. Our customers are the architects of their own lives, are mainly 35-59 years old, are experienced and have the positive trait of valuing what is genuinely important.

The brand values smart, stylish and passionate epitomise the BRAX brand! For our partners we are an image anchor, for our customers always the right choice when it comes to the demanding implementation of fashion trends, while at the same time convincing with product innovations and a high degree of fashion. Our passion is contagious!
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